Raspberry Orange Cocktail Bomb G'N'T

By: Jordan Mckay 

You've just bought your first cocktail bomb, and your flavor happens to be raspberry orange cocktail bomb, but you're a little bored with the tried and true cocktail combos. Well, lucky for you, I got some new recipes. 


The raspberry orange flavor is a very traditional flavor combo. It features a sweet fruity flavor combined with zany citrus. Generally, we see a lot of raspberry and lemon drinks, desserts, and other food. Occasionally raspberry and lime are combined for more of a sweet and savory or sweet and citrus flavor. This choice of raspberry orange, while at its core is a classic, it's a new twist on a tried and authentic taste. 


What do you pair with this flavor, especially in the cocktail bomb?


Let's start with your base. You'll need:

  1. Your choice of a cocktail bomb (in this case Raspberry-Orange) 
  2. Your choice of alcohol (In this case gin)
  3. Your choice of mixer liquid.


If gin is your alcohol of choice, this Raspberry Orange Cocktail bomb recipe will be perfect for you!


Recipe: Raspberry Orange G'N'T


For a fresh and classic summer cocktail, look no further. This raspberry and orange gin and tonic adds a fruity spin to an old-- and sometimes boring-- classic. 


For this drink, you'll need:

  1. One and a half shots of gin 
  2. 150mls of  your choice of tonic water
  3. One raspberry orange cocktail bomb
  4. One and a half shots of orange liquor 
  5. One shot of raspberry grenadine
  6. Orange slices and raspberries for garnish


The gin I chose for this drink is Gordon's Premium Pink Gin. This gin features a pink color, which I adore as well as flavor notes from infused fruits. At under 30$ Canadian, it's affordable, tasty, and perfect for this drink. You can also buy something like this gin from Bombay Sapphire as another affordable option. Alternatively you can use a more expensive gin like the one from Brockmans or Drumshanbo's Gunpowder. Ideally, any gin will work, but one that features notes of fruit and fresh flavors works best!


Tonic water is a type of carbonated drink with a dry aftertaste and bitter notes. I usually always use the Canada Dry tonic water as it is cheap, easily accessible and rather tasty. If you would prefer this can always be swapped for a sparkling, perhaps, flavored water, or if you’re looking for something sweeter, a sprite or 7up can be used. 


Orange liqueur is a sweetened alcohol with an orange flavoring, meaning that it can make the drink quite strong. Besides bringing an additional orange flavor this step isn’t necessary but I recommended it for a more nuance drink. There are many different types of orange liqueur but here are some that I like Meaghers Triple Sec or Cointreau


In this recipe the shot of raspberry grenadine is used for sweetness and can be left out in favor for a less sweet drink.  


  1. Fill a glass with raspberries and an orange slice and muddle them lightly together
  2. Add ice
  3. Add all liquid to a cocktail shaker (recommended but not necessary), leaving the tonic water and grenadine aside
  4. Shake the shots with ice 
  5. Strain into the glass and top with tonic
  6. Drop your Raspberry Orange cocktail bomb into the glass
  7. Watch and wait for it to dissolve
  8. Stir lightly and add the shot of grenadine 
  9. Enjoy!


This drink is perfect for an inexperienced bartender looking to impress some friends or try out new flavors. It’s simple, fruity and flavorsome. 


Perfect for a warm spring night!


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