Blue Raspberry Cocktail Bomb Recipes

Aloha Cocktail Bombers!

By:Dalia Nardollilo

I’m back this week once again with more exciting cocktail bomb mocktail recipes!

This week something really exciting happened here at the Cocktail bomb shop, we have a new release! Blue Raspberry cocktail bombs. I don’t know about you guys but, whenever something new drops, whether it be an album, or even new cocktail bombs, I am all over that. 

This week I wanted to give you guys some great cocktail bomb mocktail recipes that would best compliment the newest addition to the Cocktail Bomb shop’s family.

I am presenting to you the recipe for the Hawaain Blue Mocktail with a twist because it is made with a cocktail bomb. This recipe was derived from the blog called, ‘3 BOYS AND A DOG.”

The blog says, “This Hawaiian Blue Mocktail is delicious, alcohol free, and easy to make. All you need are a few simple ingredients and a cocktail bomb shop cocktail bomb and you’ll be relaxing and sipping the day away.

Mocktails for kids are perfect for pregnant women, children, and those that just don’t drink.”

The ingredients that you will need for this cocktail bomb mocktail are:


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