Cocktail Bombs: The Mixers for Tomorrow

By: Jordan Mckay

After a long day of work or studying, a cocktail can be a great way to unwind and relax. In a typical year, meeting friends at a bar or even going to a terrasse would be the perfect end to a long day. Finding the right drink to suit your mood and price range can be incredibly difficult, and with drink prices, sometimes astronomical. Premade alcohol mixes are often too sweet or not sweet enough; it’s hard to get the perfect blend. 

Of course, making cocktails at home can be just as hard. A simple craving for a margarita can be incredibly complicated when you have to buy all of the ingredients or go shopping after a rough day. Who wants to go buy ingredients for just one cocktail or even four? I know I don’t. So what is the alternative?

Forget the mixes, forget the shopping, forget the premade blends and the expensive drinks. Cocktail bombs are the best of every other alternative. They take the simplicity of premade mixes, the catered taste of an at-home cocktail, and it comes without the price tag of a bar’s drink. Why pay fourteen dollars for a four-pack of 5% mixes when you can choose how much or how little alcohol you want? With zero alcohol content in the actual bomb, these bad boys are perfect for mocktails to share with kids or friends. 

As the summer season approaches, there’s no need to be waiting indoors while you make cocktails when you can simply drop a cocktail bomb and enjoy the sun. 

Cocktail bombs are the bath bomb of the cocktail world. They’re pretty, fun to watch, and they taste amazing. What more could you want?

You take some water, mix it with your choice of alcohol, and drop the sphere into the glass. Or, for a non-alcoholic version, simply drop the bomb into some water and enjoy the taste of your favorite cocktail. Watch it dissolve in front of your eyes, and boom, the most leisurely cocktail you’ve ever had to make. 

Personally, as the weather warms up, I love to enjoy a good margarita. With the cocktail bombs, it’s easier than ever. I simply mix two shots of my choice of tequila, 200mls of water, and a shot of lime juice, and voila! The perfect drink to pretend I’m on a beach. At roughly fifteen dollars for a four-pack or twenty-three for a variety pack, I’m certainly making use of the top shelf alcohol that used to collect dust in the back of the cupboard. 

The Cocktail Bomb Shop is a small Canadian business that handcrafts all of its cocktail bombs with natural ingredients, making them vegan, eco-friendly, and tasty. They currently offer six different flavors such as; margarita, pina colada, peach bellini, and more.


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